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Training services

Atlantic Low Vision will be working to provide video Demo's and Training Via:https://zoom.us/meetings

Please contact us at Admin@AtlanticLowVision.com in you would be interested:

All ages can be affected by low vision. Vision Loss does not have to equal the loss of self-sufficiency, and is not a “lost cause.” People with visual challenges can lead as full, happy lives as those with normal vision.

  • How can I continue my normal, routine activities?
  • Are there resources to help me in my job?
  • Will any special devices help me with daily activities like reading, sewing, cooking, or fixing things around the house?
  • What training and services are available to help me live better and more safely with low vision?
  • Where can I find individual or group support to cope with my vision loss?

Contact ALV today! We offer technology traning for students, both in the workplace or at home.

We work with Veterans, Eye Care Specialists, Teachers, Students, and Caregivers to provide you the optium solution for your low vision needs. We service the MD, DC, WV, DE and Northern Virginia areas. 


We specialize in aiding Veterans and their eye needs

For veterans seeking to learn more about how to address their eye needs, visit http://novavets.org.