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Assistive Technology
For Those With Low Vision

Atlantic Low Vision provides assistive technology for those with impaired vision. We create a personal relationship with our clients establishing a direct connection. We create this by providing a no obligation demonstration. This allows the client to see, feel, and use the machines we offer. We offer demonstrations at home or office, so we both can get a feel for the best solution for you. 


"What a wonderful experience! My father-in-law was looking for a low desk profile, good magnification and simplicity. Initially we looked at the Optelec Clear View, The DaVinci model I initially saw on the website seemed too expensive and I thought it would be too complicated, but Atlantic Low Vision brought EXACTLY what he needed, made him feel comfortable with the product!" 

"I can't thank Phillip enough for his friendliness, helpfulness and patience! His attitude and treatment for people remind me of times past, when things we did were not always based on whats in it for me."

"Paul was eager to try the new DaVinci to complete his homework.  He commented frequently about how much easier it was to complete" After completing it, he casually jumped up and said, "this made my homework so much easier and faster".  He was shocked at how much it helped....if that is not a true testament, can't imagine anything more pure!

At Atlantic Low Vision we provide instructions and technical support for the life of the machine or merchandise. Additional training is also available.

All of our devices are warrantied for a minimum of two years.

Atlantic Low Vision will be working on Video Demonstrations and Training