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Braille Solutions

Braille Products

Braille Edge    

1. Offers Bluetooth and USB connectivity, with a switch on the left side to select each. There is a Braille letter B just above the switch, so when it’s

in the closer position to the B, this is the Bluetooth position. Also, this means you can be connected to your IPhone or Android phone for example, then

simultaneously switch to your USB connected PC running JAWS or other screen readers.

2. Just below this switch is an SC card slot. This gives the Braille Edge basic applications such as a basic word processor for note taking, calculator,stopwatch and alarms. In addition, you can bring in many different file types via the SD card such as .DOCX Word files, .RTF, .TXT, BRF and BRL files with no direct connection to other devices.

3. Just below the Braille keyboard, there are eight functions keys that go across the Braille display. These are particularly useful when connected to a PC running JAWS, as they become your windows navigation keys such as: Windows key, control, shift, Insert, tab and applications key. When connected to VoiceOver, these have other assignments, but offer convenient abilities rather than having to learn many complicated keystrokes.

4. Battery life is 17 hours, and UEB contracted and uncontracted Braille is included. Please see the following link for the Braille Edge home page on the Hims web site:


Braille Sense Polaris

1. Support for Google services such as Docs, Slides, Sheets Drive and Classroom. In addition, contains access to the Google Playstore for downloading apps to further customize the individual unit.

2. We have preserved the friendly Braille Sense features like word processor, calendar, media player, email and web browsing, so that anybody who has used older Braille Sense products will instantly be familiar with the Polaris.

3. Have just added Nemeth and UEB math capability in the word processor so equations can be properly displayed in Braille, speech and on a video monitor simultaneously. We can also copy and paste expressions from the calculator so students can show their work to sighted teachers.

4. Nearly 80 apps have been tested with Polaris, including categories like social media, book reading, banking, radio and podcasts.

Please see the following link for the Polaris home page on the Hims web site:


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